how do i get an amazon report with only purchsed item and amount paid

if some buy product trough my affiliate link on amazon with coupon did im still getting paid shadow

how do i get an amazon report with only purchsed item and amount paid

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how often do amazon workers get paid the full amount of the employee's commission? A: There is no exact amount. Some people have more than one type of commission, while others have just one. A common way to estimate the amount of a commission is to compare it to the amount of pay received from an hourly employee, who typically receives pay of at least $20 per hour. Another way to estimate the amount of a commission is to subtract the hourly wage of an employee from the compensation for the hours worked. For example, suppose an employee works 80 hours per week, and the employer offers him $25 per hour. Now, subtract $20 from his $25, and the total amount of compensation is $10 per hour. This means the employee only makes an average of $1 per hour (20% of $25) for his entire work week. A: There are many different methods for estimating the amount of a commission. This may be for either an hourly or salaried worker. Here is a basic example using a salary of $40 per hour for a 1st year associate. If your rate was $40/hour, then a $40 per hour salary translates into a $4.50 commission. If you're getting a 4.50% commission on a $40/hour salary, that's not unreasonable. Let's say your hourly rate is $7 per hour, and you're getting a 3% commission. Your full year salary would be $80. You could still make $80 a year, but you wouldn't make as much. Instead you could either make $80/year, which would be $3.20/week, or you could make $80/4.50 = $4.20 per week, which would be $2.40 per week. Let's say your annual salary is $80,000. $4.50 per hour for 1 year of work would be $40,000. So $80,000 / 4.50 per hour = $1,000. If your weekly pay was $4.20, that's $80,000 / (4.20 * 4.50) = $2,400 per week. So, if you get a $4.20 weekly pay, then you'll have an additional $20/week to make up. So you'll make $400/week and it would how often do amazon workers get paid? Is it a job you know? 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