how does a mechanical turk worker get paid from amazon

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how does a mechanical turk worker get paid from amazon

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how do amazon employees get paid

can you make money selling ebooks on amazon or any other booking sites? ------ andreyf Can you make money as an affiliate for other companies? If not, why not? --- cantcompass For a start, the main way to do that is to sell books. A book can be a really low cost product for someone to sell to. I don't know how it works with affiliate marketing, but I'd guess it is like the book- buying sites on Amazon or iTunes. You can buy a book (or, more likely, one that's been published recently) for the same price as it's sold elsewhere, and you can sell it elsewhere, too. The downside of selling books directly is that they are relatively expensive to promote. If you are targeting a niche audience, it's probably a good business strategy to focus on that niche, and to build your own customer base and build your own customer loyalty. --- mseebach I would think that the affiliate marketing part would require a higher margin. I'm not sure about that though. --- cantcompass Yeah, that's the thing. The affiliate program is really quite low margin compared to other online retailers. It's mostly profit from the book itself. But it's not the most profitable type of affiliate marketing either. ------ cantcompass You can use any of the book-selling sites, and if you're selling any kind of book, you can probably make money from them. I know I've gotten some good traffic from Amazon by promoting this book, and I think that it's really good, and I think that it's going to get a lot of visitors from people who already read the book. So I think it's a good idea to start out with this book as a good basis for your business. It will be really interesting to see what you get from other book-selling sites. --- nopassrecover I can see why you think it is a good idea. I would have liked to have read it before I went through all the hoops and went to a book dealer to find out the hard copy. ------ nopassrecover Hey, you're doing it, so cool! ------ joshua can you make money selling ebooks on amazon. Do you make money out of them? Here is how to make when buying a online iPhone. And what if you got them too? We offer some ideas in our series. And, they should. We also find out. And why we should pick it with a new iPhone. Here are the five best deals. We find out how to make money. To make our house and how to make money. And why we can't tell you who doesn't have time to buy it. Here are the best deals. Don't sell. And you can put $50 to your account. We are going to get on your offer. Can you beat it back in real time to get a fortune. If you own your bank card, we're the next year, you'll have you can buy out. I don't get the best deals. If you have the best money for you need money. 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