how to remove fake reviews on amazon

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how to remove fake reviews on amazon

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what do amazon warehouse workers get paid? A: Amazon is a retailer. They have warehouses where they sell things to people. The workers are employees. If you are in a warehouse you are not an employee, but they are. So you should ask what you can get for the worker. Amazon warehouses do not pay for overtime. So they will give you whatever is needed for the job. topic:what do amazon warehouse workers get paid article: Amazon warehouse workers in Massachusetts have been striking for 24 hours over pay and conditions. Workers at the company's warehouses in Cambridge, Milton, Boston, and Everett have been out on strike since Monday. About 25,000 workers in the Massachusetts warehouse workers' union are on strike, with the majority at the company's stores in Massachusetts. The union's president, John Loh, said: "Today's action is the latest in a long series of actions by OUR Walmart and OUR Amazon warehouse workers to demonstrate the strength and determination of OUR Walmart's members and members of our international community in the fight for fair pay, fair benefits, and fair jobs." Workers in the Amazon warehouse in Milton protest Amazon's wage and hour violations. Photograph: Mark Lennihan/AP OUR Walmart said the warehouse workers' action, which began at 4pm, was the latest in a series of actions against Amazon, which it said has employed 1,400 in the US since 2006. OUR Amazon said it had a 1,500-member warehouse workforce, with 4,000 associates working for the company. The company said it was in discussions with workers to resolve the dispute. Workers are owed a total of $9,000 per month, and are owed a $300 monthly bonus for each year of service, with a further $300 for those working more than 30 hours per week. Amazon's warehouse workers earn a living wage of $9.25 per hour, the company said. "We are committed to delivering a fair living wage for all of our employees," said CEO Jeff Bezos. "We are also committed to supporting our employees and the communities we serve, and continue to work with our local partners to increase wages for our associates as well as provide better pay to our associates." The workers, who have been striking for the past two weeks, are expected to take the picket line at the end of the week, with Amazon hosting a community forum in Cambridge on Friday. In the meantime, Amazon's warehouse workers are holding a rally outside the company's Cambridge headquarters, where they are expected to be joined by other groups including the Boston branch of the AFL-CIO and the National Labor Relations Board. The protest comes after Amazon announced last month that it had closed three warehouses in Massachusetts, citing increased competition from Amazon Prime, which offers customers free two-day shipping, as

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